Brisbane Pest Control Website Wins Design Award

pestcontrolnorthbrisbaneAfter much deliberation the All Arts team have selected our favourite new website design for 2014. For its clean styling, easy to use interface and interactive and cool looking contact form selection we have chosen the Pest Control North Brisbane website as this year’s winner. The website’s main feature is a display of pests which can be targeted and clicked on via crosshairs. This adds the selected pest type to the contact form on the right of the page where the rest of the details can be easily filled out to get in contact with the pest control team.

The site was developed by the marketing and web development team at BrisDigital, a digital marketing agency based also based on the northside of Brisbane. The simple yet effective idea has given a huge boost to the pest control team from Brisbane’s northside massively increasing their contact conversion rate and helping them dramatically improve the number of jobs coming through each month.

We spoke with Julieanne at Pest Control North Brisbane who has been overjoyed at the public response to the new website and the fact that it has gained so much media attention. “At first I wasn’t so sure about the contact form idea,” she said. “I didn’t want the website to appear unprofessional or like a computer game, but I trusted the marketing team at BrisDigital as they have been so helpful to the growth of my business over the past 5 years and things have worked out great. For a site built on such a low budget we really couldn’t be happier!”

A close runner up to the Pest Control Website came with the latest offering from Rental Guardians, a property management team also from Brisbane. Their new site which was only launched in the last month is a huge improvement on their old, dated website, and really helps them stand out against their competitors in the property management arena.

The beautifully designed website with clean styling and a simplistic but aesthetic theme is a pleasure to look at. While property management probably isn’t the most exciting topic, we could browse the pages of this site all day. The site was developed by Darren a freelance web designer on the Gold Coast, through his company Knight Media. We attempted to get in touch with Darren to discuss the site design and his impressive design abilities but he was too busy working on other projects to speak with us.

Nevertheless we look forward to seeing what Darren and the team at BrisDigital come up with in the near future, and we wish all the best to the teams at Pest Control North Brisbane and Rental Guardians.

If you would like to nominate a website for next years All Arts Australian Website Design Awards, please get in touch with us via email. We’re excited to see what new interfaces and grand designs our local designers are able to come up with this time!