Featured Artist- Ques

G’day Ques, thanks for seeing us while you’re visiting the Gold Coast. Let’s get into it, when did you first start painting graffiti wall art? 

My adventures through the alphabet began in my backyard in late 2001, I built myself a drywall to practice so i could perfect my technique while lapping up the sunshine.

How did you get your name?

I started writing QUOTES, and after a short while i dropped the OT. Mainly because it was hard to find spots that could hold all the letters.

What got you into freestyle wall art?

I can’t remember exactly, i’m sure the rebellious vandal appeal lured me in, but there was some local painters around here getting up that i looked up to (and still do) like Drapes, Dubs, Unome, and Puker. i guess my love for art fuelled the fire and it grew from there.

LA Wall art beach

What were/are your influences for your art?

I’m influenced by a range of styles and things in my life. They have changed over time, but generally tattoos, comic books, romance,  death, and contemporary art  among other things inspire me.

Favourite artists?

Saber, Shok 1, Craola, Totem2, Van Gogh, Dash, and Kopye to name a few.

Favourite productions? 

I’m my own biggest critic and tend to dislike a lot of my artworks immediately after i’ve finished painting the wall. The paintings we were doing in Los Angeles were some real headturners. Got a lot of love especially for the piece we did on the Venice Beach art wall.

LA wall art

Graffiti Art Travels? 

As I just mentioned, taken a few trips to L.A, more recently I’ve been travelling interstate like this visit to the Gold Coast to catch up with some different painters. always good fun!

Favourite type of spray can?

Kingz Cans. Check out the promo!

First memories of seeing street art?

I think it may have been The Source Magazine, but locally seeing UDK and NCB burners on the train lines really opened my eyes.

What is the wall art community like in your neck of the woods?

Around home I can’t say there is much happening, it has slowed down a lot unfortunately. Where I am in Melbourne is thriving though. so many great art pieces in every corner of the city.

Other art forms?

I do a lot of sketching and a small amount of brushwork and tattooing. I’ve recently been running around doing some wallpaper stick ups, but that’s just for fun!

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