Using LED Lights to Enhance Your Interior

The advent of affordable, long-lasting LED lights means that LED downlights, strip lights, panel lights and bar light are all playing a bigger role in artistic interior design. People are always wowed by pretty lights; and if you want to really blow someone a way they are a cost effective way to make a big impact.

In an effort to add value to a property, especially in higher end houses and office spaces, people are looking to new and varied methods of standing out. Ten years ago feature walls were all the rage, and while they can still add to the feel of a room, some people now consider them a bit overdone or even passé. A quirky spin off from the painted feature wall came in the form of wall stickers, which are another relatively cheap and fun way to completely change the look and feel of any given room.

CeilingLEDThe rise in popularity of wall stickers and wall murals has been increasing with the popularity of home renovation shows like The Block and My House Rules, however trends seem to come and go and it appears the LED lighting is about to steal its thunder.

Following with the theme of the previously mentioned room features, LED lighting is used to highlight or even be the highlight of the room. Using coloured LED strip or panel lights around an indented or concave ceiling can leave a have an almost hypnotic effect, with almost any mood setting possible through the endless number of potential colour combinations and lighting effects.

LED downlighting is another great way to enhance a room. While downlights do not have the same futuristic or colourful effect potential that LED strip and bar lights do, they offer something more refined. If you’re looking to make your bedroom a little more romantic, then LED downlights might be the thing for you. They create and ambience of panache that coloured LED strip and panel lights cannot. At the flick of a switch or the twist of a knob, you can turn down the luminosity of you lights or even change their hue, to fit in with whatever mood you’re in.

BathroomLEDThe best thing about all these interior lighting ideas – not only will they light your home in a much more impressive way than traditional lighting but they’ll also save you money! LED lights are designed to last far longer than traditional lightbulbs and even compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) and they use minimal power so your wallet will thank you at the end of the month. With the continual research going into LED lights, bulbs are looking like they’re going to get cheaper and more efficient too.

One Australian business based out of Brisbane has developed a new form of LED downlight that can be pulled apart and rebuilt easily at home. This means that is a single diode on a light expires; it can be quickly and easily replaced without the need to replace any other parts on the rest of the bulb. LED Arts’ LED Downlights are in production as we write this and will be released onto the market by August this year! The team here at All Arts are all very excited about the new technology because it mean we will be able to buy energy efficient LED lighting with minimal running costs and almost negligible diode replacement costs. Not only will these lights be a savior to the increasingly money-conscious, Australian consumer, they’ll also stop the creation of mountains or waste each year as people dispose of bulbs just because a small part of them no longer works.

While it may be in vogue right now to be concerned about the environment, a useful solution that can make our homes or workspaces seem more refined, more homely and so much more spectacular in our opinion, while also benefitting our children’s future, could never be a bad thing. As more and more people realize the economic and aesthetic benefits of LED lighting and LED downlights, expect to see them popping up even more frequently. So if you want to maximize you own wow effect, get in early while this interior design trend is still in its infancy!