How to Create a Bohemian Style Interior

Paris on Ponce & Le Maison Rouge

Photo By: Paris on Ponce & Le Maison Rouge

Taking inspiration from bohemian style is a great way to create a relaxed setting in the home. It gives a feeling of being carefree and allows the homeowner to let their creativity run free as they set about creating a unique interior. Boho style is about bringing together a mix of unusual looks from different times and bringing it all together; perhaps the best thing about using this type of interior decoration is that it doesn’t matter if the styles traditionally mix – it’s about creating a look that is unique to your place, creating your own distinct style, and being unconventional.

Combining this type of style within the golden ratio for interior design we discussed last week will ensure a stellar result for the look of your home. Here are some easy to follow tips for bringing bohemian style to your home.


The colours that are widely used when creating a boho or gypsy style interior are metallic shades and rich, earthy colours such as browns. These can then be combined with brighter, bolder colours such oranges, purples and blues.

Patterns are also popular when creating a bohemian theme, but remember, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to creating boho chic so don’t worry about traditional colour schemes.


Textiles are important to creating this unconventional, gypsy inspired look. Find rugs, curtains and blankets that are made from different materials and that have different textures. These types of textiles are ideal for putting the finishing touches to the interior and complementing the overall look.


The great things about bohemian furniture is that is doesn’t have to be new, in fact, the older and more lived in the better. Look out for ethnic style furniture, unusual pieces, and items from different eras. Many websites offer furniture free for collection, which is a good way of obtaining a mix of different pieces for people that are trying to complete a bohemian style interior on a budget.


Find some mixed accessories to complete the boho look. These could be small items that are collected from flea markets etc. Look for small pieces such as vases, wall art, clocks, mirrors, unusual lampshades etc. Choose anything that comes from a different age or time, and bring it all together for an eclectic mix that makes your home distinctive from everyone else.

With these few tips it shouldn’t be long before you are on your way to creating the ultimate bohemian designer pad for you and your family.