Various felt ball rug patterns

Felt Ball Rugs: Bring Some Life into your Home

The latest crazy in interior design to hit Australia are vibrant and colourful rugs. One type in particular, the felt ball rug; has been making waves with renovators and decorators throughout the country. Also known as freckle or pompom rugs, these stunning pieces of useful art are taking the world by storm.

These bright and brilliant rugs made up of colourful woolen balls, breathe life into any room, and have been popular not only in babies’ nurseries and children’s bedrooms but also in common living areas of the house. So popular have these rugs become that you can even spot them in some modern, Google-inspired offices or showrooms across Australia.

rogofficeThe rugs are originally from Nepal, and the best quality ones are still made there. Using local wool the rugs are made up of long lines of felt balls carefully woven together to form beautiful and intricate patterns of colour. The combinations of colour and patterns are virtually limitless and the unique texture and look of the rugs make them a centrepiece of any room.

The balls on authentic Nepalese rugs are as soft and silky, and the because they are made from 100% wool, they are safe for children and babies to play on. With many new parents being concerned about the safety of their children in terms of the clothes they wear and the materials they come in contact with, freckle rugs have become a must-have item. The fact they are made from wool, a far cry from many of the chemical laden and genetically modified cotton products that have saturated the market is the main driver behind this.

While you can find cheaper unauthentic felt ball rugs online, we recommend getting the genuine rugs to decorate your home or office. Cheaper copies may be made with additives or materials other than wool, so it’s better to pay a little extra for the real deal. Take a look at a variety of felt ball rugs before you decide which pattern will best suit your interior. A rug that matches your furniture and decor will blend in better, but if you want a conversation starter then go for something a bit more vibrant and eye-catching.

a colourful felt ball rugKeep in mind too if you are ordering your rug directly from Nepal it may take up to 6 weeks to arrive in Australia. If you don’t want to wait that long for your next interior feature to arrive, consider ordering from one of the Australian suppliers of genuine Nepalese items. We purchased one for our office from Milk Tooth, so we can vouch for their quality but other Australian companies may offer the same hasty delivery service as well.

As with everything, be careful of cheap knock-off copies made from non-genuine materials. You may be able to save a little bit of money initially, but there’s a high chance you’ll end up with an inferior rug, manufactured in a different country to the originals.