Brightening Your Space with Wall Art

Self-adhesive wall art has been around long before reality TV home renovation shows ever aired on Television. Creative and intelligent interior designers have been utilizing these stickers for years as a quick, cheap and cheerful way to completely alter the atmosphere of a room. In the same way that mirrored walls can make a room appear to be much larger, DIY wall murals can completely alter the feel and look of any given space, making them appear brighter, more spacious or even more modern, depending on the selected sticker designs.

Take a look and see how some custom wallpaper murals could completely change the interior of your home or office!

NYCwallartWall murals are a great way to upgrade the look and feel of your home of office without spending a huge amount of capital. Morale is going to be much higher in an office with a fun and vibrant feel, and many office managers have been upgrading their drab walls in an attempt to project a lively workplace vibe. Wall stickers are a great option for renters as well, opening up the potential for a completely makeover of their living space without causing any permanent damage to walls or paintwork.

Wall Vision is the name of one Australian company that is synonymous with self-adhesive wall art. We spoke with Kylie the owner of the Sunshine Coast based firm about the direction the industry is going in. “People spend the majority of their lives indoors. In an ideal world we’d be outside getting fresh air and sunshine for the majority of the day, but unfortunately that just isn’t how most people live. That doesn’t mean you have to live inside a dull and soul-sucking environment though!”

“Purchases for DIY wall murals have been increasing over the last decade as more and more people become aware of the potential to improve their internal decor. House Rules, at television show about home renovations on Channel 7, brought a lot of attention to the wall art industry when they showcased how dramatically these stickers can change the atmosphere of a room, but even without this exposure the industry has definitely been in a growth phase for the last few years.”

A decade ago large wall stickers were prohibitively expensive and only savvy, high-end, interior designers really ever utilized them. In 2014 however, advanced in technology and increasing demand have caused a large drop in prices and people all around the world are taking advantage. “The stickers can be purchased online and shipped to your door in a very short time. Installation is relatively simple and people can completely change the interior of their home or office in under and hour!” Kylie finished.

A look around the Wall Vision office and through their extensive photo galleries of before and after photos was really eye opening. The possibilities of self-adhesive wall art are virtually limitless, from cityscapes to virtual ocean views, to false brick or cracked cement walls, to cartoon wonderlands. The ability to turn any photo or image into wall art means you are only limited by your own imagination. Take a look at the Wall Vision image galleries for ideas, or upload your own favourite photo for that personal touch.

We expect even more growth in the wall art industry over the coming years as more and more people become aware of how they can so quickly and easily add a little pizazz to their home or office. If you’re thinking about upgrading your living or work space and need ideas, be sure to keep an eye out for the 2014 season of House Rules for some inspiration!