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Using Solar LED Lighting to Create a Contemporary Landscape

LED and solar lighting are a versatile addition to a landscaped garden that can not only dramatically highlight particular features but transform a garden to give it a totally different look and feel after dark. A particular highlight or feature of the garden can be given one or more different effects at night to totally change the feature or indeed the mood of the garden. Soft warm white strip lighting around the edge of a path, deck or pool can be switched to multi-coloured fading or chasing light to transform a tranquil back yard to a festive, celebratory area perfect for a party or gathering. Solar LED Lights Pool House

The practical benefit of LED lighting is that it draws very little power, does not generate heat around plants and features, and the LED bulbs themselves have very long lifespans. Their low power requirements make them ideally suited for an independent power source such as solar charged batteries, which in turn means that there is much more flexibility in their positioning as they do not need to be wired back to a household power source.

The versatility of LED lighting is highlighted by its suitability for numerous applications and purposes. This is even truer when it comes to using solar LED lights, as there is no need to have access to mains power, just a sunny spot for the solar panel.

LED solar spotlights can highlight a path, feature plant, water feature or even a feature wall by throwing colour and/or shadows onto particular areas.  Warm white spotlights shining up onto the trunk of a small tree and under lighting its branches and leaves can create a serenity and give dimension to a garden, while changing the colour of the light to a green or red can totally change the effect and create a stunning night time showpiece.

Similarly, using solar spotlights to subtly highlight a small hedge lining a path can provide a practical illumination of the path while enhancing the gentle ambience of the area.

An outdoor deck can be speckled with small deck lights to provide safety for guests, and at the same time assist in creating a relaxing environment for a casual evening dinner with a warm glow, or a festive mood for a celebratory gathering or party with a multi-coloured transformation of the area.

Lengths of led strip lighting can be run under steps, alongside paths, around pool surrounds, and at the base of water features and garden features to provide lengths of light rather than individual ‘spots’ from spotlights. The use of this strip lighting can transform the effect of a garden feature to give it a separate life after dark. Again, changing the light from a warm white to a single or multi-coloured effect can totally transform the ambiance of the feature or garden with a simple press of a remote.Outdoor solar pool lights

Water features can be transformed with LED lighting. LEDs placed around the base of a fountain can be used to highlight jets of water as they stream into the air and dance down over the pond surface. Solar lights around the base of an urn can fold gentle colour and shadows up through the water as it trickles over the lip of the urn and cascades down the sides to collect in the pool below.

Coloured LED spotlights placed underwater in a pond can throw light up onto a rock or feature in the pond, or highlight the edge of the pond.

Incorporating LED lighting into any garden design can multiply the effects and moods created by the area, making it an attractive and versatile addition to a home.  Its compatibility with alternative power sources to mains electricity also makes LEDs a viable product for retrofitting to an existing garden or outdoor area.  The dilemma when incorporating LED lighting in your garden design is not so much whether to include it, but in selecting from the multitude of options and alternatives available. For some extra inspiration on how to make the most of your landscape design check out the biggest landscape design community on Google+. We’ve seen some great use of solar lighting to accentuate the most stunning landscapes in this group.