Featured Artist – Terl

What’s up Terl, thanks for coming into the studio today, what artistic masterpiece are you going to design for us?

I was looking at designing some wildstyle text with a 3D background for you. Lots of greens and purples.

3D design

Sounds great! Tell us, when did you start painting and what drew you to graffiti?

I think I began painting in 1998. I started seeing graffiti around the place and just got stuck in the whirlpool. We started off taking photos and whacking them up on our website, then moved onto painting our own pieces and designing our own websites. On a recent trip to Melbourne I did a tour of some alley-way street art and found it to be quite inspiring.

sisterbella art Melbourne

Some Melbourne alleyway street art

What does style mean to you, and how would you describe yours?

Style in art is a reflection of personality and character. The type of person you are reflects in the way paint. My style is derived from my old wildstyle letters that have been rebuilt and influenced by Fresh Force Crew and Evil Ones among others. I am quite savvy with Photoshop because of my work as a web designer on the Gold Coast so I have been experimenting with computer generated symmetrical backgrounds to add an extra layer of fun to my artwork.

Wildstyle Design

So you mentioned you’re in the website design business, does your graffiti background sneak into any of your client’s websites?

Sometimes it does. From a creative perspective I love it when a client gives me free reign to design their website however I like, these types of sites sometimes have a graffiti influence. But i do have to keep in mind most of these websites I’m designing are for professional businesses and therefore have to look as such.

Have you had the opportunity to travel and paint? Where?

Sydney, North Queensland, Melbourne, South Africa, South America, USA, and NZ. South Africa was wild, i would love to go back and paint there again.

What other interests do you have aside from being a writer?

Sketching, traveling, graphic design, web design, and playing with my kids.

What is the best piece of advice you can give to up and coming painters?

Have fun, do a lot of damage before you turn 18..be active not an actress!